SchuF at a Glance


Omzet:                            US$ 100m

Aantal Werknemers:      430

Actief sinds:                   1911

Hoofdkantoor:               Frankfurt, Germany

Dochter ondernemingen:  USA, Großbritannien, China, Benelux, Ireland, India

Hoofd producten:          Process Control Valves

                                      Bottom Outlet Valves

                                      Changeover Valves

                                      Steam Injection Valves

                                      Spray rinse Valves

                                      Sampling Valves

                                      Y-Globe Valves

                                      Automatic Recirculation Valves

                                      Diverter Valves

                                      Lift Plug Valves

                                      Tank Safety Valves


Leiding gevend:            Dr. Martin Frank – Group CEO

                                      Wolfgang Frank –Group Chairman


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Video gallery
A video showing the operation of a recently-manufactured SchuF powder-sampling Valve is now available-please click the link below, which will take you to the Vimeo video-sharing website. The video will begin automatically. more